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Join Our Crew List: A Simple Guide to Getting on Board!

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or a seasoned crew member looking to expand your opportunities? We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about how to join our crew list, and we’re excited to share just how easy it is! At the heart of our new website is a streamlined process designed to make it effortless for both production companies and crew members to connect.

Our primary objective in revamping our website was to create a crew list that is not only accessible but also user-friendly for production companies. We understand the importance of efficiency in the industry, and we’re proud to say that we’ve succeeded in making the crew list a breeze to navigate.

Simply go to the Production & Crew page on the website (accessible from any page or click HERE for quick access).

Once there, you can REGISTER if you are new to the site, or, if you have information to update on your bio, LOGIN to make some changes.

We hope this makes the process clear and straightforward. Good luck!

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