But…What About The Stuff?

One of the wonderful things about being a filmmaker in the Okanangan is the amazing film community, and how active they are. It feels like there’s always someone out and about filming, doesn’t it?

And while there are a lot of moving pieces to any size of Production, one often overlooked aspect is the props needed to make your show truly memorable.

We recently sat down with Donna Brayshaw, Props Master, to gain some wisdom on this elusive side of the industry, Here are her tips:

  • For small productions, write the script with the props in mind. If money is an issue, limit the number of things you’ll need to film.
  • If you have to borrow an interesting prop, be aware that if you break the item or cause damage you may be responsible to pay for it.
  • Period movies are always great to make, but be aware it can get expensive having props true to the era. They are often hard to source.
  • Consider hiring an experienced Props Master even when it’s a small shoot. They can end up saving you money in the end and make sure you get the right prop you’re looking for because of their connections.
  • If you’re using firearms, special licensing may be required, and if you’re using them in public you need to alert the Police. (quite often they like to be on set if they are being used in public)
  • Do not buy a bunch of items and then return them after the shoot. This gives the industry a bad name.
  • When in doubt, ask! The Okanagan has a lot of groups like OSIF who are willing to help filmmakers.

Happy Filming!

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