B.C. Based Production Stage The First of Its Kind in Canada

With its mythical monsters, wildly intricate special effects, and visionary locations, “Percy Jackson and The Olympians” seemed like the perfect first film to use a brand new immersive technology.

The series, shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the first Canadian project to utilize a new technology (dubbed StageCraft), which replaces the need for green screens. The project was shot in a virtual production stage, known as “The Volume,” which features 28 meter LED video walls that project CGI backdrops and characters in real time. Industrial Light & Magic designed the stage and while “Percy Jackson” by Disney Plus was their first project, there are more projects to come. The young stars of the show found the experience surreal and praised the attention to detail in bringing the book to life. While the technology had its drawbacks, such as the heat from the screens, it allowed the actors to stay immersed in the world of the show.

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