Local Filmmaker Profile: Dalias Blake!

This time, I had the pleasure of getting to know Dalias Blake!

Dalias is a Jamaican born Actor with over 100 Film and Television credits and is known for roles in projects such as Donovan’s Echo, Godzilla, The Good Doctor and Altered Carbon. Dalias also produces original music and performs as Reggae-Rap artist MistahD.
QUESTION: Having two unique creative outlets sounds amazing. Are you drawn to one over the other?
DALIAS: Having two creative outlets is truly a blessing and the fact that I get to do both is just fantastic. Acting and Music have so many similarities and I really enjoy both outlets immensely but I get a little more creative control writing, performing and producing music.
QUESTION: How long have you been in the film industry?
DALIAS: I have been acting professionally in the film industry for 26 years.
QUESTION: And when did you start your musical career?
DALIAS: My musical career began for me in church as a teenager. I sang in the church choir and I learned to play the drums and the guitar.
QUESTION: Where can people find your music if they’re curious?
DALIAS: My music can be found on-line at my production company website (launchcodeproductions.ca). People can also do a search on YouTube, just look up
Mistah D and my music and videos will come up.
QUESTION: What was the first film you worked on?
DALIAS: The first film I worked on was a feature film titled TRIXIE starring Emily Watson, Dermot Mulroney and Nick Nolte.
QUESTION: That was a good movie! Do you have a favorite memory from being on that set?
DALIAS: My favorite memory from being on that set was working with Emily Watson because I got to find out just how great of a sense of humor she has. She is a very funny woman. Meeting Nick Nolte, who had starred in some memorable movies at the time, was a very cool experience as well.
QUESTION: What inspired you to get into film?
DALIAS: I became inspired to get into film after watching all of the great actors I admired when I was younger. I wanted to be an actor just like them and do what they do for a living and make that my career.
QUESTION: What I think is cool is that you had that dream and pushed to make it a reality. That’s not an easy feat. Do you have a highlight from your career?
DALIAS: Definitely. A highlight from my career is being a part of projects such as Bringing Ashley Home and Held Hostage that tell stories of adverse events that have “actually” happened to people and how they persevered through those events.
QUESTION: I agree. I think films based on true stories are more powerful too. What project were you working on when you decided this was what you wanted to do with your life?
DALIAS: I actually decided that acting was what I wanted to do with my life before any tv or film project I actually worked on. I knew for sure I was going to be an Actor for the rest of my life on my first day of Film School.
QUESTION: Where did you go to school?
DALIAS: I attended film school at Vancouver Film School.
QUESTION: How would someone get a career like yours?
DALIAS: For someone to get a career like mine they would first need to commit to what I call the “3-D Method” (Desire, Dedication and Discipline) then get prepared for opportunities so that luck happens.
QUESTION: Is that something you developed? It sounds like an interesting tool.
DALIAS: I am not sure if I can say that I developed it but it is something that was described to me somewhat early in my life journey and I just decided to phrase it as the “3-D Method”. Those three components are vital for success no matter what your pursuits.
QUESTION: What piece of advice would you give someone looking to get into film in the Okanagan?
DALIAS: If someone is looking to get into film in the Okanagan, now is a GREAT time to get in. They should invest some time in figuring out what aspect or section of the film industry is most appealing then take the necessary training to get into that section/department. From there it will be about committing to the “3-D Method” I mentioned earlier.
QUESTION: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps?
DALIAS: The advice I would give to anyone who wanted to follow in my footsteps would be to make SURE that acting and being in front of the camera is truly the thing you are most passionate about in the film industry. I would advise this because there are “many” other departments that are a lot less demanding, can be just as fulfilling and are more financially consistent.
QUESTION: What are the benefits of working/living in the Okanagan? What do you like about it?
DALIAS: The benefits of working/living in the Okanagan is that the Okanagan is one of, if not the most beautiful region to live in in Canada. Some of the benefits of living here are the blazing hot summers, the lakes and numerous lake activities, the landscape and topography, the multiple food and beverage options, the wineries, the winter activities, the numerous festivals, the feeling of community, and the list goes on. With everything that the Okanagan has to offer, it is just a bonus to get to work here as well.
QUESTION: What do you think 2024 has in store for the film community in the Okanagan?
DALIAS: I believe that 2024 is going to be remembered as the year that the Okanagan film community made it on to the world stage and is not looking back.
QUESTION: What are you currently working on?
DALIAS: I am currently back to auditioning but I just finished a short independent film that was shot in Vancouver after wrapping up on a few local Kelowna projects rounding out the tail end of 2023. These projects featured some very talented local directors and fellow local performers. Did I mention “local” enough? The talent pool here in Kelowna is just awesome.
QUESTION: Not nearly enough! What else?
DALIAS: I’m also back in the studio doing some recording for my next MistahD single as well as rehearsing and prepping for a string of music shows lined up for the next couple of months.
QUESTION: What makes working in the Okanagan different than working in other communities?
DALIAS: Working in the Okanagan is different than working in other communities because there actually “is” an incredibly strong sense of community and comradery that radiates across all departments.
QUESTION: Can you share one of your most memorable moments on set? Anything funny? Or tragic?
DALIAS: I have not had any “tragic” moments on set so far and I hope to keep it that way. A very funny series of moments took place on a movie called Dragged Across Concrete. I spent a couple of days on that project working with both Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn and those two men are “very” funny and unique individuals in their own rights both on and off camera. They both had a lot of great stories and experiences to share. Another funny series of moments and days on set took place on a film called Night at The Museum which starred Ben Stiller and featured other guest actors such as Owen Wilson and Robin Williams.
Great times.
QUESTION: Do you have a favorite person you’ve worked with over the years?
DALIAS: A favorite person I have worked with over the years,,,Hhmm,,,That is a tough one as there have been a few, but I really enjoyed working with Emile Hirsch recently on a project now in post-production titled Bau; Artist At War. Emile is a very talented, gracious and inclusive individual. The project was directed by Sean McNamara and deals with some pretty heavy subject matter, but Emile found a way to keep us all engaged and relaxed for the journey we had to take with his great sense of humor.
QUESTION: Can you tell us about some of the projects you have coming up?
DALIAS: Some upcoming projects for me are workshops to help aspiring actors initiate and maintain an acting career long-term using a process that I have developed called the I.M.B.E Career Development and Maintenance Process. As I stated earlier, I am back in the recording studio doing some more recording for MistahD. I also am working with a musical artist I will begin producing. I also voice a video game character named Deimos for a recently released project call Rainbow 6 Siege that has been well received.
QUESTION: Oh wow! How can our readers find out more about that?
DALIAS: Your readers can find out more about my I.M.B.E Process by checking the EMC studios calendar at emcstudios.ca and registering for one of my
up-and-coming workshops.
QUESTION: I heard that you’ve also been involved in mentoring as well as some philanthropic work. Can you tell us more about that?
I recently wrapped up as a mentor to a young up and coming actor in a mentorship program facilitated by our union, UBCP. It was one of the many great programs the union is doing for its members. I also have philanthropic aspirations that I am pursuing. My long-time business partner and I have developed a Charitable Distribution System that will all us to donate a portion of our financial proceeds to a randomly selected number of charities on a quarterly basis. We are very excited about it and are planning to have that up and running in the next several months.
QUESTION: That sounds amazing. Will you let us know when that gets launched?
DALIAS: I will let you know when it gets finalized and launched.
QUESTION: Any final thoughts/stories that you would like to add?
DALIAS: I would like to conclude by sharing a very personal mantra that I have lived by for quite some time. I would like to pass it on to others that may need to hear it,,,
”Stay Positive…It’s The Only Option”.

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