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Over 13 years work experience in the BC Film Industry.Extensive work experience in numerous aspects of production.Experience working on Reality, TV Series, Documentary, M.O.W's, Feature Films, Commercials, Short Films.Live in the Okanagan, and work in the film industry in Vancouver and Okanagan.
Hi my name is Stacey,I am a big supporter and fan of the arts.While operating Tweaked and Yummy Vitage Apperal I became friends with many area artists and musicians  as they shopped or performed at regular shows I hosted in my store.I am energetic and organized and function well under pressure... Read More
I have over 13 years experience and work in the film industry.I live in the Okanagan.I am currently working in the A.D. Dept. and am hoping to branch further into Producing.I also have experience as an Assistant Location Manager, Key P.A and Production Assistant in reality, documentary, tv series,... Read More
 Wendy Ord was the first female 1st Assistant Director in Canada and, as such has hundreds of hours of feature film and television projects to her credit. She has been in the industry for over 35 years and still loves to A.D. working often on International projects or BC based film & TV,... Read More
With a unique passion and rounded skill set, I consider myself an ambassador of creativity and good design. From years of television experience including directing and producing live sports, large events and promotional work to branding and marketing and social networking and customer interaction.... Read More
2nd Assistant Director - (Film / TV)Entertainment Coordinator / Production Coordinator (Music festivals/Concerts)
Over 30 years in video and photography productions. Extensive work experience in all aspects of production.

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