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Music producer video editor  Read More
From 3D Animation, to Video Production and everything in between.I'm well-versed in many of film production's aspects, from consulting to production with years of experience.I have worked on multi-million dollar projects in Toronto, smaller budget short films that were featured at TIFF, as well as... Read More
My Name is Sarah, I am a talented singer, who can whip up a fabulous costume to go with. Wishing for the right opportunity to share this with the world. ·         Computer proficiency: INFOR M3 ERP System, BOSS, ESP, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point,... Read More
I am an artist in the Okanagan, with previous military experience. If you need someone reliable and with tons of initiative for any kind of administrative function or as a general helper, I am available. I'd also like to try out being an extra!Flexible, initiative, problem solver, team player,... Read More
I work on pre-production art - story boards, illustration,
Meditating Bunny Studio Inc. was founded in 2001 by filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns.
The Movie Character Arts Company was founded by Creator and Author Reg D.Lyons in 2007 Since several partners have joined the Venture to create and produce Original characters that can be applied directly or indirectly to Movie and Television content.

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