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Our mission at The Falconlady & "Team Feathers" is to stir the heart and fire the imagination. It is our intention to be the "go-to/camera-ready" bird-of-prey team to the film & television industry. By inviting others into the experience of the spectacular majesty and power of these... Read More
Dog Trainer/Dog wrangler. Can work with all dogs, knowledgeable of all breeds & temperaments. We also have dog daycare and dog boarding dog supplies and raw dog food available .  Read More
Large Open ranch available for site rental located in a deserty valley with a dozen horses of varying breeds and sizes. We have horses available for all skill levels from beginner to seasoned horseman. We have show and work saddles in Western or English. Draft horses also available to ride or drive... Read More
Sometimes the most difficult part of making a film is finding the right folks to make it with you and support you through the process. Well, Perhaps Allow Me to assist you… By recommendation of our Okanagan Film Commissioner, Jon Summerland, the purpose of this letter is to introduce my... Read More
Our Hucaya alpacas are all halter trained and very friendly.
We can provide spanish style, gaited horses and a variety of unique tack. Fine braided bridles Spanish style saddles Side saddle

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